Lil' Gordie Sport | Perforated Ginger


The Lil' Gordie Sport is cute, functional, and a bag you will find yourself grabbing for time after time. Although little in size, it can fit nearly all the small pieces from the line — including the Billet Traveler, PAKmini, and Marah Zip.

*Webbing handles will be stiff at first, but with use become beautifully worn in and soft.

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The Anatomy Of

  • Made of full grain perforated leather
  • Wide webbing handles
  • Unlined with Kelly Green bias covering seams
  • Leather logo patch stitched on front


  • Height: 7.5"
  • Width: 11"
  • Depth: 3"
  • Handle Drop: 3"

Lil' Gordie

The Lil' Gordie makes me think of warm spring days walking around town popping in and out of shops & cafes. One of my favorite people to spend a day doing this with is Isabella. The Lil' Gordie is a tribute to her last name, Gordon, which will be changing in a few months! This year is such an exciting one for Isabella, and I imagine her celebrating and traveling with her Lil' Gordie in tow.

Design Note: Made with wide webbing handles so as the webbing softens over time they will still remain substantial. Designed to feel perfectly "weighty" in your hands when filled.